Are saliva Covid tests effective?


The high health authority has just authorized salivary tests to detect symptomatic people, especially in schools. The ehpad finished so the costs villon the nose, just spit in a plastic tube, then it must be given laboratory analysis within five hours not put it in the refrigerator to avoid hot cold and make his sample at least 30 minutes after eating drunk brushing his teeth after smoking to avoid hiding virus particles behind other molecules present in the mouth. For the moment the result is given within 24 to 48 hours, so it is not a quick test because it is necessary to put the sample in an RT PCR machine that will reproduce the virus so that it appears in greater quantity in the sample as we do with a test in the nose saliva is a very complex body fluid to analyze it contains 1000 proteins doctors generally do not trust it, especially to detect the symptoms, it must be said that we are in the presence of a respiratory virus and when it comes through the aerosols they first enter through the nose, it is therefore there that we see it first even before the first symptoms sometimes however salivary tests for drug testing but also to detect diseases such as HIV have already developed their designers are therefore convinced that they will be very useful in this epidemic. Notably because they have the capacity to detect RN, i.e. the genetic information of many viruses, these tests have also improved their performance even if it remains between 2 and 11% less reliable with tests done in the nose and a PCR analysis afterwards, which remains acceptable to the high health authority, it is starting to be used more and more in the United States the drug agency has even authorized in emergency a quick saliva self-test to be done at home and universities use it to regularly test their internship students to limit the number of cases some scientists believe it is an additional tool very useful for identifying symptomatic people who would not have gone for testing anyway, but others also fear that it will give a false sense of security if you then get rid of all the gestures that are barriers at school at the office, and that is why health authorities are still proceeding cautiously on the subject.