January 20, 2021, end of the Trump Era


January 20, 2017 Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States, the Republican Party's businessman candidate, a television host and political novice. Trump defies most predictions and wins the November 2016 U.S. presidential election over Hillary Clinton, the poll favorite.

Donald Trump the most powerful man on earth against all odds a mandate against all odds also enameled with polemics, he calls for example Haiti, El Salvador and several African nations as shitty countries, he tries to deny but the declaration triggered one and ten world nations champion tweets devastating he compares his nuclear button to that of the North Korean leader's remarks which is in Washington and in foreign capitals, the subject of global warming has not been spared while a record cold spell hits the united states and Canada according to trap it means that global warming does not exist it comes at this time there from the lighthouses and the scientific community through India and 8 of which it has the secret, the United States remains in turmoil in the face of these statements in the face of these actions the country questions the mental health of its president in January 2018 he passes his first medical examination and the White House announces that he is in excellent health but the question comes back regularly to the liking of the extravagances of Trump is it is necessary to leave the book Fire and Fury, the commander in chief who is described as a child with attention disorders

The main interested party who is annoyed ends up reacting, he calls himself a very balanced genius America first his slogan the president applies himself to respect it to the letter, he slams the door to several multilateral treaties even if it means going it alone.

The United States withdrew from the agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue and announced that it wanted to restore a wide range of sanctions against Iran. It is only at the beginning of October 2010 that the country of Trump is a sort of UNESCO Trump, Israel follows in its footsteps on the grounds that the institution would demonstrate an anti-Israeli bias, a few months before in June 2010 is in the rose garden of the White House the American president provokes a world shock wave announcing the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris climate agreement concluded by 195 countries in 2015 text the most widely and quickly signed in the history of mankind

Trump denounces a very unfair agreement for his country and defines global warming as an invention of the Chinese the United States put an end to its participation in the trans-Pacific free trade agreement, Trump called it a terrible agreement always in the name of national defense, Trump launches new negotiations on the North American free trade agreement.

Among the campaign promises not yet fully realized are the construction of a 1,600-km wall on the Mexican border to stop illegal immigration, for which he would send the bill to Mexico for payment. Trump also asserts that he wants to return to the right to land and the right to torture, in order to fight terrorism, it establishes the decree anti immigration prohibiting the citizens of certain countries with Muslim majority of stay in the United States, Trump does not want any more agreement protecting the dreamers, there will not be equalization these young immigrants in the United States, whereas they were children even the Obamacare Trump will not go any more some diplomatic successes all the same of Donald Trump to make forget the reverses, he had promised to put an end to the endless wars of the United States in the Middle East for him the Iraq war had been the worst foreign policy mistake in American history one thing is sure Donald Trump has used the least military force since the end of the Cold War this can be considered a success by those who criticize American interventionism under Trump the white house favors a historic agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates another highlight Donald Trump and Kim Jong- one assigns to Singapore an agreement that the US President describes as fairly comprehensive the declaration of mutual guarantees between the United States and North Korea. First quarter of the year 2020 when the new coronavirus spreads throughout the world, Donald Trump minimizes the disease he then reads the virus to a Chinese laboratory and threatens to tax Beijing his arrogance in front of the small watches Covid will cost his country the United States becomes the country hardest hit by the pandemic of the coronavirus the most mourning country in the world with today four hundred thousand deaths in this picture so black of the vaccines are found against the disease a hope for the world there still the policy of vaccination of the Americans adopted by Donald Trump is criticized one enters in electoral campaign the Democrats end up choosing the former vice-president of Barak Obama to confront the controversial tenant of the white house presidential election in a context of health crisis is gathered the crowds Joe Biden adopts physical distancing, the results fall in dribs and drabs because of the postal votes that were very numerous Biden is elected, Tump is still famous he challenges two weeks before the assumption of office of the Democrat U.S. President Donald Trump says that she never considered it victory to Joe Biden

January 6, 2020 Donald Trump delivers a speech that incites his supporters to forcibly invest the Capitol it is an unthinkable pro Trump supporters besieged the building that serves as the seat of concert the legislative power of the United States when America worse than Africa we deplore the deaths we are witnessing the suspension of Donald Trump's accounts on the social networks he who swears that by this means of communication a procedure of dismissal is initiated but Donald Trump will not fall he will remain at his post until January 20, 2021 at the Joe Biden officially becomes the 46th president of the first world power Joseph Robinette Biden junior the man that Donald Trump did not stop mocking throughout the presidential campaign calling him weak he had nicknamed Joe Lando Remis but it seems that he is the one who dreamed awake end of course so this Wednesday for the one who gave another meaning to the office of president the one who swore by the Tweets eternal subscriber to controversy the one who dreamed of giving back to America its greatness.