Kobe Bryant Biography


Today I'm going to talk about my favorite sportsman an icon of the enemy and who unfortunately left us on January 26, 2020 and who made me dream for many years Kobe Bryant then even if I think that everyone knows the loan or by far said and Kobe Bryant let you present in a few seconds twenty seasons or more than 1300 games played in back five nba titles twice mvp of the finals once mvp of the regular season twice best scorer of the line 2 olympic gold medals 4th most prolific score of the history of the nab with 33 1643 bridge 17 participations in halls star game 15 nominations in lse hals nba jam 9 nominations in halls defective team this second performance on an all 81 game points one last game in my career with 60 points and many others I grew up with kobe I discovered nba in 2000 during the first tri pitt or triplet title of los angeles lakes I was amazed by this player his charisma his mental his determination his rage his class his technique his leadership his flow his artistic side I quickly found myself in this that the sport could convey I myself did for a very long time and I still follow it and sometimes on a misunderstanding to make it ethical values of comradeship respect cooperation surpassing Kobe embodied all this he was a model for every athlete as well as every person watching him and I was part of those people- There Kobe will remain forever a figure in my life a landmark that matters to me. His death at the age of only 41 years old in a helicopter accident necessarily shocked everyone and me with his aura had gone far beyond a simple athlete of a simple sportsman very quickly after his playing career he launched into yesterday's basketball movie- the ball is a short animated film retracing his journey from his childhood to his sports retirement: he was the scriptwriter and the voiceover music was even entrusted to no less than John Williamson and the film even won the award for a best-animated film in 2018. So one thing may have puzzled you John Williamson, but then why John Williamson and to go as far as composing the original music for the short film of Kobe Bryant a retired NBA legend and that's a little bit why I took the opportunity to do this articulate today already then to show you how much of a Nba Ok legend Kobe was, but much more than that, he was also a wonderful music lover back in 2008, Kobe Bryant has been living for several years an ordeal after the departure of superstar Shaquille O'Neal of the Lakers and the mythical coach Phil Jackson in 2004. Kobe remained the only one still on board of the glorious epic of the franchise of the 2000s. So there must have been nothing achieved and still maintains that he never played with John Williamson so I guess he dropped out and Kobe would have asked him what makes your music eternal how do you use- you each instrument how for this quiz and you a climax as a basketball player I find myself leading a game no I wanted to talk to you about the musical composition and try to find something similar to help me in my game as a leader and in the perspective of winning titles what Johnny agrees but I I've never seen two basketball games in my life in fact both of them started to maintain a very close relationship Kobe will even go as far as going John Williams to the release of several concerts he gives over the years and to the close to the creation of the short film Kobe that he said I didn't want the music to be pop or hip- hop I wanted it to be timeless whether it was classical music or not, in fact Kobe has a real passion for classical music and especially for Beethoven we knew years afterwards that he listened to a lot of it before the matches and who was just starting to learn to play the piano his wife Vanessa is so much into the famous moonlight sonata that he said that sitting down and taking lessons would be too easy, so I taught him by ear? As you can see in a commercial where he's doing pretty well in a gruff way.