Is presidents day even a holiday?


In just matter of seconds thirty years of history along the Atlantic city boardwalk was reduced to pile of rebel and a billowing cloud of during the implosion of the trump plaza there was a stillness in the air outside one Atlantic the pie overlooking the long-shattered hotel as the countdown begun birds scattered as a rolling thunderous boom overtook air and the 39 story building crumbled to the ground falling away like it was made of water hundreds of people drove to Atlantic city on the bliss record Wednesday morning for a special the resort town Hadn't seen in 13 years trump plaza which opened in 1984 as the first casino of former president Donald Trump closed in 2014 and put more than a thousand people out of work Ichan enterprise took ownership in 2016 and it sat vacancies mayor Marty small made it a mission of his administration last year see the building come down paving the way for something new today is truly a great day here in the city of Atlantic city small stage from the fire shortly the building come down he said conversation with Ichan would now shift to what comes next with the same energy effort and passion to get this building down we will have the same energy effort and passion to stand shoulder to shoulder with them to build Something in the hopes of limiting crowds and promoting social distancing officials didn't plan a spectacle like the implosion of the sun's casino in 2007 complete with a fireworks display that drew 100 000 onlookers but over 200 cars came to battlefield to watch others went to the beach all bid on the chance to watch from one Atlantic fire and some even bought rooms at Caesars for the great view thousands more watched the live stream online Mike Lopez know as local blogger ac Mike was among those viewing from one Atlantic who bid as part of a charity event some of the best viewing seats just blown away so exciting to watch it go down and be a part of it he said minutes after the implosion our skyline has changed forever forever it's not what it was hopefully it gets better Erika Brushall and George Navarro of old Bridge decided to watch one Atlantic as a way to celebrate Navarro's 40th birthday the partners visited Atlantic city a lot before the pandemic but since then they don't even go out for glossaires so today was big deal brood stroll said why not watch a building explode on your birthday also at one Atlantic was self-described implosion enthusiasts low wallazine of Philadelphia je came in costume for the event a red jump shoot and heard hat a clock face and mock dynamite sticks on his chest.