Bill Gates fear became a reality Corona virus


Bill gates fear

Four years ago Bill Gates had talked about his fear of an infectious virus, he expressed that only an infectious virus has the capability to kill more than 10 million people.

To justify his fear Bill Gates project to the audience on a TED session the Ebola virus, Bill said he followed this virus carefully through the case analysis tools they used to track polio eradication.

Epidemic slow handling

According to Bill Gates, the problem was not that the system they used did not function well enough; the problem was they did not have a system track this kind of viruses.

The problem was the slow date transferred on paper and the lack of epidemiologists who are close to the main event; moreover, the case reports were inaccurate.

Bill also brought to the attention the unpreparedness of medical teams to deal with this virus on-site; Bill adds that thanks to the coordination of Médecins Sans Frontiers (Doctors without borders), they were able to orchestrate the volunteers, however, it was very slow to deploy thousands of workers into these countries.

Bill said that if they had workers there, they could have accurate data and more understanding of the nature of the virus, and they could perhaps take plasma samples and transfuse them to the infected cases, which is what they are trying to do right now in the USA to vanquish coronavirus.

In addition to that, Bill Gates said that WHO is funded to monitor epidemics but they do not know how to track or to deploy medical resources or medical equipment to deal with an outbreak.

The failure of good preparedness for the next epidemic could lead to higher risk than Ebola. Bill explained why Ebola didn’t spread in more than three African countries, the success of vanquishing Ebola was due to the great work done by health workers, the second reason is the incapability of Ebola to spread through the air, and the reason, according to Bill gates, it was luck because Ebola didn’t get into many urban areas.

The Spanish flu model

Bill illustrated a model of a virus that spreads into the like the Spanish flu back in 1918, the model shows 33 million deaths in 263 days. All the technologies we have right now they cannot respond to an outbreak that spreads into the air if they are not put to an overall global health system.

How to be ready for an outbreak?

Bill gates talked about a mobile medical trained unit, a unit that trained in supply chain management. Also to have a strong health system in poor countries, Bill Gates also talk about the pairing of both medical and military abilities, to have a simulation games ‘germ games” as Bill Gates describes it, finally a lot of advanced research and development in the field of vaccines and diagnostics.