3 countries were prepared for the pandemic


Three countries were very prepared for the pandemic; they did not have to apply the recommendation delivered by the emergency board in the event 201. They were naturally trained to manage risky situations like the spread of the pandemic.

1- China.

China was the first country to announce the occurrence of the outbreak, China is not a country, it is a continent because it had more than 1,473,947,194 citizens, while most countries have millions only.

Chinses people are used to wearing masks in their daily lives; they did not need any raise of awareness when the outbreak happened in Wuhan, they were very fast in decisions making, they estimated very quickly the rate of the pandemic spread and they built a hospital in ten days, and they were organized like ants. The hospital was built like a Lego game, let me zoom in on the amount of work was done in 10 days, hundreds of bulldozers to align the ground, the team management of 4000 workers, power supplies to the whole hospital, wiring inside the rooms, water pipes and canal venting, the supply chain was very agile. All this great work indicates that the accuracy in the chinses scheduling and planning is phenomenal.

China has survived quickly and it now it sending doctors and medical devices to other countries in need.

2- United States of America.

The states’ governors had set up testing centers and every state and with the help of medical workers and the army, they could provide 2100 additional worth of hospital.

They invented devices to run tests on their citizens; these devices give results in five minutes, which allowed them to run more than 50000 tests each day. Moreover, the United States of America has expected 2 trillion dollars stimulus bill to be pumped in Americans accounts if the current situation escalated.

3- Germany.

Everyone knows that Germany is the leader in pharmaceutical and medical field, they are very advanced, and they already had 25000 beds equipped with respirator devices.

The government of Germany approved to build a new hospital that will house up 1000 patients.

We can conclude that those countries have strong economies that’s why the reacted very quickly to the pandemic, which makes us wonder what would happen to the non-developed countries and the countries with poor financial markets if we couldn’t find a remedy?

The world expects this pandemic at the end in  April, and so far, he had taken the lives of 40672 individuals in different countries. In addition, it had infected 824552 people.