President Trump Coronavirus Updates 1100 patients are being administrated to Chloroquine


President Trump and task force updates on coronavirus.

Donald Trump began by thanking the journalists for respecting the chairs’ distancing, which is funny for someone who finds quarantine is not essential at this critical phase

Trump highlighted the development of both testing and treatment that will help the USA to win the war against coronavirus (the French president Macron was the first president to use the term war).

Fast test: 5 minutes test.

Trump also brought the attention of the audience that the food and drug administration (FDA) had authorized a new test invented by Abbot Laboratories; the test delivers the results in five minutes.

Abbot Laboratories will start running 50,000 tests each day starting this week, to surround you more accurately with this event, Germany runs 160000 tests each week, which makes the USA twice faster in detecting early infect individuals.

Test in Hospitals and test centers

Trump announced that because they were running tests faster they could decrease the rate of mortality and this signifies the high number of cases infected with Covid-19.

Trump also thanked the Army corps of Engineers along with FEMA; they could build 2900 beds worth of hospital in the Javits center, and this tremendous work took four days duration.

Testing Chloroquine and Plasma transfusing.

The president said that 1100 patients are being administrated to Chloroquine along with Z-pack, Donald Trump said, “Let’s how it works, it may and it may not “. Chloroquine was first announced to be efficient by the French professor Didier Raoult. Trump added they are using also a plasma treatment because it showed promising results in other countries.

In addition to that, Trump wonders why they cannot use the mask more than once, he said that they are seeking approval for the sterilization of masks; he also mentioned that they are delivering millions of masks.

Resources allocated in order to vanquish the pandemic.

Trump said that every level of government state local and federal are working together to obtain more personal protective for frontline workers. The largest distributors of pharmaceutical equipment such as McKesson and cardinal health and others are working side to side, they concluded after a meeting ways to keep the supply chains and delivery systems running at top speed.