USA Instacart employees planning a strike all over the nation


Human rights still human rights, it doesn’t matter when or where, Thousands of employees for grocery delivery service Instacart are going to organize a strike Monday 30 March to demand personal protective equipment, since reasonable measures are taken all over the USA, services still running must be protected and protect those they serve. Corona is spreading and delivery service may increase the rate of its spreading, the demand of the employee is simple, gloves and masks to keep themselves and their customers safe.

Americans responded positively to this strike and they agree that they employees should be equipped with masks and gloves, customers said that they would refuse the orders from Instacart employees if the company did not meet their demands, which is indicating a lot of solidarity in these hard days.

A representative from the company posted a statement online that read in part, “the health and safety of our entire community – shoppers, customers, and employees – is our highest priority.”

The good thing that was born with this pandemic that Instacart is thinking of hiring thousands of people to cover all the Increasing demands during the outbreak. People who lost their jobs may start applying for part-time jobs to guarantee some income until this wave goes away and hopefully forever.

Employees cannot receive sick pay unless they get a justified document, which meaning that the employee has to mobilize himself and drive to see a doctor and facing the possibility of getting infected,

In addition, we should not forget that doctors are needed during this outbreak more than ever. All doctors must focus on patients infected with Coronavirus.

Before the strike begins, Instacart has been facing problems due to the huge demand for groceries; it takes more than the usual time to deliver the order to the customer at the scheduled time. Customers have been complaining and calling about this matter, besides, some customers receive their orders with missing items due to store shortages.

The company is doing its best to make the customer and the employee safe. The company will  recompense their workers, the company will give 200 $ bonus for the employees who respect some conditions , such as meeting certain thresholds for the number orders they handle, and the ability to deliver alcohol by getting a scanned image of person's ID from a distance instead of a written customer signature

Sanitizers and disinfectants, an additional 5 dollars per day and to double the rate of the tip (10 percent rather 5 percent). They are also seeking an indefinite extension of pay for workers who have infect with coronavirus.

There is a fear among the customers and the employees, no one wants to go through the pain caused by a coronavirus, customers and employees must take efficient measures, Moreover customers ought to respect the 2-meter safety distance. Customers must also wash their grocery or disinfecting it to make sure, they are clean and they do not carry coronavirus. In addition, they should not forget about the bag, this latter is a corona various carrier too.