How can Mohamed Salah be employed in Barcelona?


Amid the occasional flurry of news about Mohamed Salah's future with Liverpool, two key names stand out in the news, Barcelona and Real Madrid, for two key reasons. The first reason is that Mohamed Salah's ambition after winning everything with Liverpool must be at the same level, especially since he is only 28 years old, so he still has a future in football that could bring him many achievements with the two most demanding clubs in world football, who have shared the most continental titles in Europe in the last 20 years. The second reason is that Salah himself linked the two clubs to him in his dialogue with ace, in which he opened the door with his famous phrase:" Who knows what might happen in the future?"When asked about the possibility of joining Barcelona or Real Madrid. But how will Barcelona benefit from Mohamed Salah if he joins Lionel Messi's team? Answer in the following lines:- Mohamed Salah is often linked with Lionel Messi's successor at Barcelona as the Egyptian pharaoh possesses many of Messi's evasive qualities with speed and left-footed shooting in the far corner of opponents, Mohamed Salah's finishing rate is particularly impressive during incursions from the sides, or if he exchanges balls with his fellow attackers, and he possesses a superior ability only available to Messi, perhaps at present, to hit the lines of defense with few moves and put himself in positions of complete detachment with goalkeepers. Some might say that Mohamed Salah needs space to innovate, that's a fact, and Barcelona often doesn't have space as a result of opponents being afraid of Messi and closing the field on them, which is also true, but have you seen the 3-5-2 plan that Koeman is playing with at the moment that Barcelona's performance is That's what Salah might be perfect for!. Ousmane Dembele is the last Barcelona player on the pitch, in front of Lionel Messi, who passes silk balls that depend on Dembele's speed and his runs deep in defense, but every time Dembele goes on the pitch he has a lot of difficulty in finishing and this is what Barcelona's historic Remontada lost to Paris Saint-Germain What if there is the same speed and skill, with the exceptional touch of the Premier League's top scorer so far, who has won the same award on two occasions before and is Liverpool's highest scorer in a single season in history, Mohamed Salah will surely benefit from Messi's silky passes and reach a goal rate that could surpass his Apart from impressive goal-scoring abilities, Mohamed Salah can really benefit Barcelona if the plan reverts to its traditional 4-3-3 format, and Salah plays on any side, namely the right-hand side he is more good at than anywhere else and is Salah's favorite place in all the teams he has played for. Salah's departure from Liverpool and joining Barcelona, However, appears to be a very complicated matter in light of current market data following the Coronavirus outbreak. But there is no more accurate than the answer Salah himself to express this: "who knows what might happen in the future?».