Garina reveals her plans for 2021 for free fire e-sports


Garina reveals her plans for 2021 for free fire e-sports
Garina, one of the world's leading esports developers, today unveiled its future plans globally for 2021 for the popular Freefire game, Battle Royale - developed by it.

Three major tournaments will be held around the world during 2021: two versions of the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) – the main international free fire tournament in April and November, and the Free Fire All Stars tournament in July.

The Garina e-sports international roadmap is part of its ongoing efforts to inspire and delight the Freefire community in various places, by offering competitive and premium e-sports content. The 2021 Free Fire lineup will showcase the best talent from around the world and allow teams to test their skills at the highest level.

FFWS Championship: where the world meets

The FFWS tournament is the largest and most prominent esports tournament for free fire, its inaugural 2019 edition drew over two million viewers at the same time at its peak online, a world record and an unprecedented esports tournament on mobile devices, the FFWS tournament in 2020 was replaced by the Free Fire Continental series due to the global pandemic, so the FFWS tournament in 2021

The FFWS tournament with Play-ins will kick off on April 24, and the finals are planned to conclude on May 1. The FFWS tournament will be larger and more productive this year, having consisted of nine initial regions spanning Latin America, Europe, and Asia in its 2019 edition. This year's April edition of the beloved tournament brings together 22 teams from 13 different regions, such as the Middle East, Pakistan, and Bangladesh to name a few. It will also feature an expanded prize pool of up to us مليون 2 million to be the largest free fire prize ever!

To celebrate the Great Return of the FFWS in April, Garina introduced a brand new logo featuring the elegant new logo with the interlocking letters " W " and " S " – the initials of the World Series-reminiscent of the tongues of a burning flame, a symbol of hope, courage, and vitality. The Championship Cup will also be designed to reflect the new Championship logo.

More details will be announced-in the coming weeks-about the edition of the tournament, which kicks off in April, including information about the participating regions and the form of play. Fans and fans of the game can learn more about the November edition of the tournament later this year.

Free Fire All star impresses influencers with their skills against professionals

The Free Fire All Stars tournament, which kicks off in July this year, will bring together the best influencers and professional players from around the world. The tournament is expected to see plenty of exciting interactions and memorable moments as the most iconic characters in the Free Fire Community battle alongside – and face-the professionals in a fun, spirited atmosphere. More details about the All Stars tournament will be announced in the coming months.

Garina has released a video revealing the Free Fire 2021 roadmap for international esports. The exciting trailer can be seen here on YouTube.

Garina builds on the overwhelming success of Free Fire in 2020

The 2021 Garina roadmap builds on the overwhelming success of the 2020 game free fire, which was the most watched game in the world ever. YouTube ranked free fire as the second most watched live game on its platform in 2020 and the FFCS-the main competition of Free Fire-set a new record for esports viewers after attracting more than 2.5 million viewers at the same time according to Esports Charts. It also snatched the "best eSports game - esports for mobile devices of the year" rating by the Esports Awards 2020.

The success and rise of Freefire continued, ranking the most popular mobile games in the world and winning the title of the most downloaded online games globally in 2020 in the iOS and Google Play stores, topping the rankings for the second year in a row.

The Freefire community has seen a huge expansion, with the game setting a new record of over 100 million daily active users in 20201. Free fire Content on YouTube ranked third as the most-watched Game of the year with 72 billion views